Middle Georgia Haunted Houses 2011

Haunted Houses in Middle Georgia?

Here are a few local Haunted Houses that I know about…



Haunted House in Lizella
Halls of Havoc is in an old school that was built in 1951. It was open for 1st thru 8th grade, and it was closed down in 1972. Soon thereafter it was reopened as a facility for the mentally ill. Sometime in 1978 the day shift workers showed up, and everything was locked down, and everyone was gone. From time to time the neighbors report hearing giggling and screaming. Some say they’re screams of horror, and some say they’re screams of joy. But every time the investigators come out, the place is locked and no one is there. So please come join us and figure it out for yourself…if you’re not scared.

Halls of Havoc is located at 7536 Knoxville Rd, Lizella, GA 31052





Haunted Barn in Perry
Legend has it that in October when the nights turn cold and dark and the ghostly fog rolls in, the old barn once again becomes possessed. Many sinister apparitions roam the grounds haunting the barn and the graveyard.  Eerie sounds and blood-curdling screams follow anyone who is brave enough to enter the haunted barn! The barn is waiting for you!  Can you survive?
2235 US Hwy 41 N.
Perry, GA 31069







I’ve heard this one is VERY scary! I’d take some diapers and handy-wipes. :)
Haunted Montrose and the ~Old Slaughter House ~ are conveniently located in Middle Georgia just off of Interstate 16 between Dublin and Macon.

Haunted Montrose
2nd Street
Montrose, GA 31065




If you know of any others let me know and I will add them.


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